The Heart of Who We Are!


Our Mission Statement

Mountainsong Photography is committed to selling beautiful fine art nature photographs and offering fantastic tours & workshops, while simultaneously serving our community in tangible ways, bringing attention to social causes that match our values, and donating a portion of every sale to charitable organizations working to meet the needs of the marginalized.


What It Means

We exist for two reasons: The first is to provide the best quality products & services possible, including high quality, fine-art photographic prints, first rate tours & workshops, etc. The second reason that we exist, the big one, is to do all the good that we can for those in need.

Specifically, it works like this:  A portion of the purchase price of each of our products is donated to one of five causes—food, shelter, clean water, health, or education—and the really cool thing is that YOU get to choose which one that you want to support with your purchase! The charities that we’ve selected as beneficiaries are known for their stewardship and efficiency, so you’ll see that even our least expensive product will allow you to make a significant difference in the lives of the needy.

Read How It Works for all of the details.