We're going to do great things, but we need your help!


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Huge Vision For 2012

We have a goal of opening a studio/gallery in 2012 that will be a place where we will do much more than sell beautiful photographs, offer great classes & workshops, and launch amazing tours...it will be a hub for serving our community!


Because we’ll be opening on a shoestring budget, and because we want to use all of this for good, we’re unabashedly soliciting any help that we can get. We are very serious about our mission of giving away money and services to those in need and believe that every dollar that we save here can be used to feed or clothe someone. If you believe in our mission, please consider how you can help materially with the following needs:




3-POINT OF SALE EQUIPMENT: Credit card machine(s), cash registers, etc.

4-OFFICE-TYPE FURNITURE: Desks, chairs, filing cabinets, paper/document shredder, etc.

5-COMFORTABLE CHAIRS & COUCHES: In good condition and clean, to furnish the gallery area.

6-COUCH TABLES & END TABLES: In good condition, to furnish the gallery.

7-FOLDING CHAIRS (30+): In good condition, for classes & presentations.

8-AUDIO/VISUAL (A/V) EQUIPMENT: For classes & presentations.

9-TRACK LIGHTING: Lots, for displaying permanent images and student work in gallery.

10-EASELS: Several, for displaying students work.

11-SIGNAGE: For building, including window/door decals.

12-STEREO & SPEAKERS: For creating gallery mood/environment.

13-OFFICE SUPPLIES: Standard, including printer paper, legal pads, pens & pencils, etc

14-CLEANING SUPPLIES: Vacuum, mops, brooms, cleaners, etc.